Good-bye Montessori, Hello Public School!

Well, my baby is a first grader.  How did that happen?  Didn’t we just start at his wonderful Montessori school yesterday, his cute little three year-old face a little apprehensive, but totally game?  No?  That wasn’t yesterday?  That was THREE YEARS AGO?  *Blink*

J's first day at Montessori in 2007, Age 3

In the beginning, he liked to sit in his cubby until he was ready to join morning circle

Then it came time for year 2 of Primary.  He was now an expert and excited to go back to school.  They stay in the same classroom for all three years of Primary, so he was happy to be going back to his wonderful teachers, and the same friends.  With some new friends to meet as well!

Second year of Primary, Age 4

Doing transfer work on his first day of school

That was a super-fun year!  He learned so many things, including learning to read!  He has always been so excited to show me his reading chart which shows how many books he has completed.  After learning the sounds of letters, and how to blend the sounds (which took him a little while to master), they start reading real “books” with the Bob Books.  We also had them at home, and his teacher was concerned that perhaps he had memorized them.  But, I think that once he figured out that blending thing, he was ready!  He has become such a great reader!

Then, onto our big, important third year of Primary.  This was his Kindergarten year, and his big brother was attending our local public school.  Should we send J to Kindergarten there too?  We did consider it, but the Montessori program is so amazing.  And I thought that it was beneficial for him to complete the entire three years of the program.  He had been building on so many things his first and second year that he would get to experience in his third year.  He had watched and learned from those older children.  I wanted him to be the “older child” who could model for the younger ones.  Do all that work that he had seen them doing that he wanted to do too.  And what a great decision it was!  He loved his third year at Montessori!

3rd Year of Primary, Kindergarten, Age 5

And yes, he’s still wearing the same fleece jacket!  We got a lot of years out of that jacket.  He has definitely outgrown it now.  He had a huge growth spurt between age 5 and 6.  In mind and body!  What an exciting year it was!  He brought home so many maps, became an amazing reader, and one of his favorite things….finished his math book and his number roll.   A huge roll of papers, connected by tape, where he wrote out the numbers from 1-1,000.  Yes, 1,000.  And at the end of the year, he completed his third Montessori birthday celebration when he turned 6.

His birthday sculpture representing the four elements

And this week, he said good-bye to Montessori and started first grade with big brother.  Wow, was he ever excited to ride on the bus!  And on the first and second days of school, I heard words like “awesome” and “excellent.”  Although, I don’t think we are saying good-bye to Montessori.  It’s not something that you say good-bye to really.  It’s such a part of him now.  And it’s a part of us, as a family.  We have made so many good friends over the last three years.  And we definitely aren’t saying good-bye to them!

But we are saying Hello to First Grade!

K (3rd grade, Age 8-almost) and J (1st grade, Age 6) on the first day of school, 2010

Second day of school, little bus snafu on the first day

Bye guys!

2 Responses

  1. Nice… I blinked and 6 years went by,, oh my ok I blinked twice and 18 years went by, that is how long ago Corina started at Montessori… I need to stop blinking~!

  2. It is crazy how fast these kiddos of ours grow. Hope the boys have a great year!

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