Sweet little girl birthday presents

I got to make sweet little girl birthday presents this month! Always fun to do some little girl crafting since I don’t get to do it too often. My niece turned four today and she loves her baby dolls. So I decided to make her an outfit with a matching outfit for her dolly! I’ve wanted to practice my garment sewing more, and unfortunately boy clothes just aren’t that interesting. It’s quite disappointing. Although, there are a few boy patterns that I want to try, like this and this. Next week is the Kids Clothes Week Challenge at Elsie Marley’s blog, and I’m going to try to achieve the “hour of sewing” each day and make the boys some things.

But, back to little girl sewing!  Since she likes her dollies so much, I thought a matching dolly outfit would be fun and special. After much waffling, I finally settled on the ModKids Nina patterns – regular for her (pattern fits size 2T-7) and mini for the doll (which fits 15″ and 18″ dolls). Since my fabric stash is getting out of control, I tried to pick something that I already had, and settled on this great fabric from the Two Young Street collection by Prints Charming that I got last year. It’s so soft!

I’ve never made a shirt before, but the pattern was great.  I copied the pattern pieces onto tissue paper, cut everything out, started sewing, and it wasn’t a big deal at all.  The placket is sewn right on top, and the hardest part was figuring out how I wanted to embellish it!  They do warn you to keep the buttons at least one inch away from the edge, so that when you fold over the neckline for the elastic, the buttons don’t get in the way.  I thought I had, but I was off just a little bit.  It wasn’t a big deal though.  It was a lot of fun to work through the pattern, and the skirt was super-easy.  I guess they call it the easy-peasy skirt for a reason.

The doll shirt was a lot easier than the little girl shirt surprisingly.  I thought it would be hard because it was so tiny, but I think it was easier since I had already made the little girl shirt, and I had some experience under my belt.  They are constructed slightly differently to compensate for the little size of the doll clothes. From a pattern perspective, I was concerned that the shirt would be hard for a little girl to put on her doll without help.  I tried it on my friend’s American Girl doll and I didn’t find it that easy to get the arms in the sleeves.  I’ll have to ask her mom if it is a problem before I decide to make any more.

Actually I think the hardest part about the whole process was turning those dang ties that go around the back of the girl’s blouse!  I finally figured out that “magic” method using a tube and a chopstick, using stuff I scavenged from around the house.

Skirt and blouse in size 4T

Matching dolly clothes

I made sure to put in little clothing labels so she would know what size it was, as well as to help my niece put the clothes on herself in the correct direction.  It’s just twill tape and fabric marker, and hand sewn in with a blind stitch.

Clothing labels

My other big project for the birthday gift was making this little capelet from Leila & Ben.  It turned out great!  Well, I hope it turned out great, as I haven’t had a chance to see how it fits her yet.  But it certainly looked cute!  I’m concerned I didn’t place the buttons correctly.  It’s sort of hard to figure that out without the model there for you.  It was my first completed clothing crochet project, so I was proud of it from that standpoint.  I’m not sure how practical it is since it can be hard for a boy-mom to grasp that whole little-girl-fashion thing, but hopefully she likes it.

Crochet Leila & Ben Capelet

Happy birthday to my sweet niece!  Now to make something for her big sister who is turning six in three weeks.  Hmmm…  I was thinking about a cute corduroy dress since she likes dresses so much.  Any pattern suggestions?

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  1. All of your stuff came out really cute. I saw those ModKids patterns for girls & dolls in my local quilt store, and I was wondering how they were to work with. It was very clever & thoughtful of you to include a tag on the shirt (for both of the reasons you gave). I think capelets are adorable, although I’ve never tried one on any of my girls, so I’m not sure how functional they are.

    I’m interested to see people’s pattern suggestions for the corduroy dress. I’ve been eyeing some corduroy at JoAnn that I think would make a great dress or jumper.

    • I think the ModKids patterns that I used were great. Not once did I read the pattern and say, “hmm…what exactly does that mean?”. I have the Leila & Ben Sweet Little Dress pattern, and I might use that to make a dress out of corduroy. We’ll see. I’m still looking. I also have some Ottobre mags that I want to flip through.

  2. They turned out so cute. Pixie wore the outfit today and brought her baby doll over in the matching outfit. Pixie was VERY thrilled! I do hate to admit it, but sewing and knitting for girls is more fun. So many more choices. I’m going to link to Facebook.

  3. Just so you know… Pixie has worn her poncho every day this past week. She loves it… and loves puttering her fingers in all the ‘holes.’ I’ve never crocheted anything on that scale and she is fascinated with the different texture it creates. It is very cute… she has gotten lots of compliments.

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