KCWC – Days Three and Four

Okay, I have been a slacker on Days three and four.  Well, I shouldn’t say slacker because I’ve been really busy, but not with sewing at my machine!  I’m waiting on some ribbon to finish the pleated skirt, and I have plans for a corduroy dress from the Sweet Dress pattern by Leila & Ben.  And I bought this super-cute pattern for a recycled hoodie from lil blue boo yesterday that I can’t wait to try out!  (She has the cutest knit holiday dress in her Big Cartel shop with matching doll dress!)  I got the idea after seeing some examples posted in the KCWC flickr group.  Check out the flickr group as there are tons of great ideas in there!  So, while not sewing, I did buy a new pattern!  I’m hoping to get back into the groove today and this weekend.  Although on Sunday, we are attending the super-fantastic Common Ground Country Fair with some friends who are staying overnight, so no sewing then.  We’ll be having too much fun with friends, sheep, rabbits, horses, fiber, organic demonstrations, etc.  I can’t wait to buy my organic/ecologically-printed t-shirt from the fair featuring a Holly Meade rooster this year!

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