Halloween Flags

Halloween flags

Inspired by a recent post on the Twig & Toadstool blog, J (who is now 6yo) and I made these flags yesterday before dinner.  It was a quick project, and probably took about 45 minutes.  The pattern is a download from the Toymaker website.  There are four flag patterns to choose from – owl, pumpkin, cat and skull.  Like Twig & Toadstool, we went for rainbow paper instead of spooky/Halloween paper.  J chose two of each design, and picked which color paper each would go on.

Then, he cut out the straight border lines on the top and side, as well as the scallop bottom.  I did the inside cuts with an x-acto knife.  Then we used a glue stick to attach some shiny tissue paper to the back.  To hang the banner, I folded the top down about 1/2 inch towards the back, and ran a length of baker’s twine through, and then taped the folded part down.  Since I hung it in the window, and you can’t see the back, it’s not important that the back look as nice as the front.  Then, we have these odd draw pull knobs on our window molding from where the previous owners had a valance hung.  So, I tied the baker’s twine to a few of the knobs and voila!

You can’t really tell in the pictures because of the morning sun casting a shadow, but the paper is bright blue, green, purple and yellow.

I love it!

Adding a new picture which shows the colors of the flags.  Such a fun and easy project!  I need to think about how to adapt the concept for Christmas.

8 Responses

  1. These are adorable. Beautifully done!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this turned out! Very neat, very fun! 🙂

  3. Love this! I’ll be linking on Facebook.

  4. […] Someone (who shall not be named) purchased a door cover for our home with a shrieking snake whose eyes blink red.  Even on its “low” setting, the thing is terrifying.  The jury is out in our family as to whether it is cool or annoying.  Maybe that’s not your cup of tea, so to speak, either.  Halloween decor can be scary and cute.  Here is a cute banner idea to prove my point: Click Here to Open Link in New Window. […]

  5. Tina, love them!!! How cute would it be to do a 12 days of Christmas banner? Each flag a different gift … of course only one of each gift per flag.

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