Flights of Fancy baby quilt

So, two weeks ago, Thursday, one of my best friends found out that she is having a baby girl after two boys.  She is very excited!  Since I was planning on seeing her a week from that day for our annual “girl’s trip”, I decided that I needed to make her something girly.  And what did I decide on?  A baby quilt.  Hmm….in a week?  Well, everything was going along really well until I sliced the tip of my finger off with my rotary cutter.  No worries…no pictures of that.

Flights of Fancy baby quilt

I found a fat quarter bundle in my stash from the Fat Quarter Shop of Paula Prass’ Flights of Fancy.  It had been languishing there for quite awhile since I hadn’t bought it for any specific purpose.  But, a-ha!  It was perfect.  I needed something quick and easy, and not finding anything that struck my fancy in my many quilting books/magazines, I made my own pattern.  Just really big squares/rectangles from all of the different FQs (there were sixteen in the bundle).  I sketched it out on graph paper to get the scale right, which was actually a very enjoyable process.

I was really proud of myself because I made the entire quilt from stash fabric, except for the binding which is a pink batik that I bought at my local quilting store.  I free motion quilted each square with a little bit of a different pattern.  Some were just all-over squigglys (there’s a real name for that, right?).  Some were wavy lines.  On the smaller rectangles, I just did a straight stitch (with my walking foot) around the inside of the rectangle.

So, there it was on Wednesday.  I was leaving the next day for my trip.  All I had left to do was attach the binding.  As I’m trimming up the quilt, whack!  Eek!  Thankfully I didn’t get any blood on the quilt, but it was pretty hard to sew the binding on after that.  I brought it with me and finished hand-sewing the binding on my trip.  Did you know that you can bring scissors with up to a 4″ blade in your carry-on on a plane?  Craziness.  But, helpful for me.

One thing that I made a “mistake” on when crafting my pattern was that after I was done with the big squares and I was testing out placement, I decided that it needed the white sashing in between the rows (which is Kona in snow).  However, by adding that 2.5″ of sashing, it made my quilt wider than a standard width of quilting cotton.  So when I did the backing, the backing was a tiny bit too small.  I ended up having to trim off some of the sides on the front.  Ah well.  Better than piecing that!  Actually, in retrospect, I should have made the patchwork on the back the opposite way so it added to the width and I would have been fine.  Next time.  Here’s the back (before it was quilted).  It’s Amy Butler Lotus Full Moon Dots in Lime.  That line is a great fill-in for so many things.  I need to get some more.

Back of quilt, before being quilted

And a not-so-good shot after I gave it to my friend.  I should have had the girls hold it up for me outside to get a better picture.  Oh well.  We were busy doing stuff like shopping and pedicures, and sitting around bookstores.

I wish I had time to wash it first because I’d really like to have seen how it looked all quilty and scrunchy.  But, it’s done!  And she was excited to have a pretty, pink quilt.

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  1. beautiful Tina. you are so creative!

  2. Beautiful Quilt!

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