Excellent hearty wheat bread recipe

Can you call it “wheat” bread when it’s not 100% wheat bread?  Eh, whatever, lots of whole grain goodness in this one.  I love King Arthur Flour.  It’s my favorite all-purpose flour, and I love to get their specialty stuff too.  It also helps that it’s in Vermont which is one of only three states where I can get UPS packages in one day.  So, I placed my order on Thursday morning and my package of goodness arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time to make some no-knead bread for the weekend!  Nothing like instant bread-making-gratification.

Bread with homemade blueberry jam

This is the Malted Wheat Flake Bread from the King Arthur website.  If you haven’t explored their treasure trove of recipes and community forums, go there now!  Great stuff.  This was honestly the best bread that I’ve ever made.  Not that I’m an expert or anything.  But it was super simple, although required special ingredients, so I suppose that’s a negative.  My standard no-knead bread made with a mix of white and wheat flours is good too, but this is a great hearty bread, perfect for dunking in soup or serving with cheese.  (Added: Hubby thinks it would be really good with sandwiches too.)

I used my standard no-knead technique, with the addition of about 2 minutes in the mixer with a bread hook.  Throw all the ingredients in the Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Mix with bread hook for about two minutes.  Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in warm location for 12-14 hours.  (My office closet has the furnace chimney in it, and is perfect for bread-rising!)  I prepared the bread at 10pm on Friday, and let it rise until about noon on Saturday.  Then, all I did was turn it out onto my Silpat with some flour on it (no sticking, easy clean-up).  Sort of shaped it into a loaf shape.  Placed a piece of parchment paper in a frying pan, sprayed parchment with non-stick cooking spray, and put in loaf, seam side down.  Cover with the plastic wrap, and let sit in the warm place again for about an hour to rise again.

Half an hour later, preheat my oven to 450 with my covered Le Creuset dutch oven in the preheating oven.  When the hour has passed, take out the steaming hot pot, pick up the bread in your parchment “sling” and put the whole thing into the hot pot.  Cover, bake for 30 minutes.  Uncover and bake an additional 15-20 minutes.  Take out of the pot (use the parchment to pick it up), and let cool on a wire rack for an hour or two.

Super-yum!  When I’ve made whole grain breads before, they were really dense and didn’t have that really yummy/chewy crumb that is so tasty.  I think using the high-gluten Sir Lancelot flour, in addition to the tablespoon of vital wheat gluten (which I always add to my no-knead bread recipes), really made a difference.  And the malted wheat flakes have such a yummy aroma and add some great texture to the bread.  Let me know if you try it!  Or if you are a local friend, and want to borrow some malted wheat flakes, because they were buy 1 get 1 free, and I have a lot.

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