Learning to Knit

Lego-man and I are learning to knit.  Hooray!  My friend taught me to cast on a few weeks ago, and having a live person show me how (as opposed to reading about it in books or watching videos) was really all it took for a light to go on.  I’m still playing around, but have figured out the knit stitch, and even the purl!  Although, I don’t find purling very easy, but I guess it’s just a practice thing.

2 Responses

  1. Knitting RULES! Yay!!!!! Your tension and stitches look PERFECT in that picture – I cannot even tell you how horrid some of the first stuff I knitted was. Definitely stay with it — so much of knitting is just experimenting and ripping out and starting over. But that looks great. Plus, it’s a wonderful mobile craft that you can take with you, especially since quilting really isn’t.

    • Thank you! I’m trying a hat with some bulky yarn, and my stitches do not look quite so perfect. I have always gotten the impression that bulky yarn is easier, but it doesn’t feel that way to me!

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