Nature Walk Pants

I made the Oliver+S Nature Walk pants back in November at a super-awesome workshop with Liesl Gibson and hosted by Alewives Fabrics.  It was great to meet Liesl and the class was so informative.  I came home with these Nature Walk pants for my 8yo (made the size 10) but I had cut the elastic a bit too large and they didn’t fit him.  So, in Tina fashion, instead of opening the seam and cutting the elastic, I procrastinated long enough that 4 months later, they miraculously fit!

He is holding a Bowser figure from Mario Chess in case you are wondering

We are going to use them as pajama pants since I don’t really see my 8yo wearing these to school.  They have a nice yoga style waistband though and seem super-comfy.  I haven’t made the pullover yet, but I’d like to give it a try once I make some headway into my Works-in-Progress from 2010.

So, in an attempt to make some of that headway, I started sewing the other three pairs of nature walk pants that I had cut and ready.  When I cut the first two pairs (one in 10 for K and one in 7 for J), I neglected to flip the pattern piece to cut the legs opposite (one right and one left…hello!?).  So, at the class, I had to cut the other leg, and I ended up with two pairs of each. Thankfully, I had bought extra fabric!  (Fabric is a cheap score from the infamous Mardens.)

As I was sewing the pants this morning however, using my serger that I have very little experience on, but I’m trying to learn, I made the mistake of pinning as I was sewing the crotch area.  And one of the pins got too close to the upper knife.  EEK!!!  Flying broken piece of knife!  I don’t recommend it.  So, now the knife is broken, a new one has been ordered, and serger is out of commission.  I can finish them with my regular sewing machine, so I think I might do that this afternoon.  Liesl did a great job in the class teaching us how to sew knits with a regular sewing machine.  No, you don’t need a serger!  But it does make it a lot easier…

Unless you have broken sharp metal pieces flying through the air…


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  1. Oh… I’m so impressed you are making headway into your WIPs! Michelle and I gave up buying new craft supplies for Lent, so it’s forced us to hit our stashes. We need to do this more often 🙂 Good luck working your way through.

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