Peg Leprechauns

Okay, this is my last post about peg people!  K came home last week saying that they had found leprechauns in the playground at school.  They had even caught one!  A few days later, K came home saying that he had talked to one of them and convinced them to come to our house!  So, on Thursday when they came home from school, they found these guys at our house!  K says that the one the he found looks slightly different.  He needs a black brim on his hat, a buckle on his hat, and a mustache instead of a beard.

Leprechauns are exploring the yard


Hmm...where should we build our cave-house?

You can make your own leprechauns using the pattern over at Wee Folk Art!

3 Responses

  1. What fun! I’m not sure my hands would be steady enough to do this kind of thing.

    Have you seen the Star Wars peg people at Filth Wizardry?

  2. I love your leprechauns, very cute!

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