Crochet Hexagons

I finally started a crochet project based on the projects from Lucy at Attic24.  Her blog is so full of lovely crocheted rainbow-goodness.  Check it out!  I’ve been reading her blog and thinking about making something for at least two years.  I went back and forth trying to decide what I wanted to make.  I finally settled on the hexagon tutorial, and am going to make enough to make a pillow for the couch.  Hopefully two pillows.  I bought about 16 skeins of rainbow colors of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (worsted) which is really affordable at $1.99/ball.

Yarn Goodness!

Let’s see if I can put these in order without getting up and referencing the yarn (from top, L to R): Winter Night, Hyacinth, Red, Lullaby, Rouge, Orange, Avocado, Caution, Calypso Heather, White, Semolina, Hyacinth #2, Grass, and Fairy Tale.  (Thankfully had the Knit Picks catalog sitting here!)

Here are my first two hexagons!  They will all have the yellow center (color=semolina), and then will hopefully all be unique for the other rounds.  I’m using a size G/4.25mm hook.

My first two hexagons!

The tutorial is very easy and clear.  The stitches are all variations of double or single crochet, so nothing too fancy to learn.  She also discusses how to join them as you go, but I’m going to make them separate and join them later for this first time.  I’m not sure how I want them to be organized since this is my first time making something like this.  I’m sure joining as you go is much easier in the long run, but that’s okay.  They are approximately 4.25″ across, unblocked.

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