Welcome Flo!

We have been very busy here, so not a lot of crafting has been going on.  It is Spring (hooray!) and we have been spending our time in our garden/yard, cleaning up from winter and getting ready for spring planting.  More on that later, but I need to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Flo, our new barred rock chick!  The boys named her Flo because she was born on Gramma Flo’s birthday.

Hello Flo!

Unfortunately, Flo had a sister that didn’t make it.  We picked them up on Thursday and both seemed fine.  But by Saturday, the other one wasn’t doing well at all. She wasn’t walking, and everything that I could find on the net just didn’t seem like what it was.  We lost her Saturday night, and it upset the kids quite a bit.  But they have recovered and are looking forward to three more new chicks (Golden Comets) arriving on Tues/Wed of this week.  None too soon either because Flo is pretty sad without a companion.  We gave her a little stuffed animal to make her feel better and that actually seems to be working really well.

It was not the plan to only get two.  We had our order placed for two barred rocks and two golden comets.  But, the farm store ended up getting  their orders at different times, so the other two golden comets aren’t arriving for another week and a half.  So, I spent this morning calling around and finding someone who had chicks for sale this week so Flo wouldn’t have to be lonely for too long.  Thankfully I found some!  We’ll be picking up three golden comets on Tuesday or Wednesday, and if all goes well, we’ll end up with a total of six.

More on the chicken adventure to come!  Hubby is building a coop/run in the back yard!

2 Responses

  1. So how goes the chicken adventure? The kids think it is really cool that you got chicks. Hubby not so much… Told me not to get any ideas. LOL.

  2. So far, so good. The three new golden comets are adorable, they are that traditional “little yellow chick” look. Flo is huge! Barred Rocks are bigger chickens than Golden Comets, (7-8lbs vs. 5-6lbs), and she’s a week older, but I guess I’m still surprised by how much bigger she is than the other chicks. They are getting along well though! Two more babies come today, and I’ll post new pictures when they arrive! Are you allowed to have chickens where you live? From all that I have read, they are much easier to take of than the dogs! (Once you spend that initial investment of money and time into a coop of course.) Coop building starts this weekend (if this nasty weather will ever clear up).

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