Moosehead Lake

Moosehead Lake in northern Maine is absolutely beautiful.  Last year we went camping there at Lily Bay State Park (great camping!).  This year we decided to rent a cabin.  We went up with some good friends whose boys are near to the same age as our boys.  So, awesome fun all around!  Lots of being lazy, swimming, reading, playing, and feeding ducks.  One day we took the shuttle boat out to Mt. Kineo to hike to the top.  Awesome hiking.  Highly recommended if you are up in the Moosehead region.  Mt. Kineo is on a peninsula jutting out into the lake.  The boys are 7yo and almost 9yo, and didn’t have any difficulty with the climb.  It was definitely rough terrain and a pretty big incline up the mountain, but certainly do-able for the boys.  I’m sure I was huffing and puffing much more than they were, LOL!  The view from the top of the fire tower is amazing, and we need to go back again during fall color season.  It would be amazing.  We brought a lunch and had a picnic at the top before hiking back down the Indian Trail (more steep than Bridle Trail).  So, our week in pictures….

Swimming and being thrown around by Daddy

Our friends jumped off the bridge near the cabin into the river

Flying kites

Mt. Kineo on Moosehead Lake

There's even a Letterbox to find!

Hiking up the Mt. Kineo trail (Bridle Path)

Family shot -- almost at the summit, another 0.4m to go

Have to go up the fire tower for the best view. Just try to not look down through the open metal staircase.

View from the top of the fire tower on the summit.

The boys loved the hike and I think we all agreed that it was maybe our favorite thing of the trip.

Compost Tomatoes

Tomatoes growing in our compost bin


We just got home from a week up at Moosehead Lake (unfortunately we didn’t see any moose).  Our garden and chickens did great while we were gone due to the help of a good friend.  This “little” baby in our compost bins though didn’t need any water.  We haven’t taken care of it at all, and look what is going on!  Not sure what it is.  I think it might be a variety of a cherry/grape that we grew last year.  It started sprouting in the compost bin this spring and we just let it go.  It’s amazingly huge.  It’s not even that sunny over there.  I think it’s about 10x as large as the tomatoes that are growing in the square foot garden or the patio containers.  FUN!  I guess we have some good compost.

A Summer Update

I have not been a good blogger or crafter recently.  Summer is always so crazy!  We have the normal things going on like vacations and the garden and visitors.  Our big project of the spring is finally completed!  The chickens are outside and happily getting bigger and bigger.  I can’t wait for the first egg come September!

The completed chicken coop, or "chick mahal" as the Hubby calls it

My in-laws brought us the super-cute metal Welcome sign when they came to visit.  They picked it up in a little gift shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Once the chicken coop was completed, we had the big unveil and brought out the chickens!

Amidst all the chicken hub-bub, we also celebrated J’s 7th birthday with a big “mad science” party!  More on that later because it was super-awesome.

And I was finally able to get out strawberry picking and make jam, as I have been wanting to do for three years.  So happy it finally worked out.  I picked 12 pounds of strawberries in about one hour and fifteen minutes, and all for only $18!  That made me two batches of jam, plus 3 pounds to freeze.  I used the instructions from to make the jam, using the low sugar method.