A Summer Update

I have not been a good blogger or crafter recently.  Summer is always so crazy!  We have the normal things going on like vacations and the garden and visitors.  Our big project of the spring is finally completed!  The chickens are outside and happily getting bigger and bigger.  I can’t wait for the first egg come September!

The completed chicken coop, or "chick mahal" as the Hubby calls it

My in-laws brought us the super-cute metal Welcome sign when they came to visit.  They picked it up in a little gift shop in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Once the chicken coop was completed, we had the big unveil and brought out the chickens!

Amidst all the chicken hub-bub, we also celebrated J’s 7th birthday with a big “mad science” party!  More on that later because it was super-awesome.

And I was finally able to get out strawberry picking and make jam, as I have been wanting to do for three years.  So happy it finally worked out.  I picked 12 pounds of strawberries in about one hour and fifteen minutes, and all for only $18!  That made me two batches of jam, plus 3 pounds to freeze.  I used the instructions from Pickyourown.com to make the jam, using the low sugar method.

14 Responses

  1. Super-duper jealous of that coop.

  2. Beautiful, all of it! And what a neat idea for a boy’s birthday party!

  3. Fascinated with the coop. Did you use plans?

  4. I am very interested in your coop. Do you have the plans for it or can you direct me to the source so that we can emulate ours after this chicken coop masterpiece? This is beyond perfect!

  5. Can you supply the materials needed for the coop? We are going to try and build one for our son who is moving and needs a new coop!

  6. Like the others – would love to see plans.

  7. Thanks for all the chicken coop love! Hubby actually designed it from scratch based on looking at a bunch of other pictures of coops and thinking about how we wanted to make it and our space constraints. All in all, it’s been great. There are a few things we would do differently next time. I can talk to hubby and get some general dimensions and material lists if people are interested. It is two years old now and has held up great. We haven’t had to do any repairs or changes to it since constructing it, so that’s a win!

  8. Please get the hubby to write down the supply list and plans with the modification, lease please please!

  9. Is there any way you could give me the building plans for this chicken coop? I saw it posted on facebook and I would like to try it!

    Thank you,

  10. That is NOT a chicken coop, it is a chicken CASTLE! I would also love to have the plans if possible. My granddaughter shows her chickens in 4H and would love to build her something like this.

    • 🙂 My husband calls it Chick Majal. As I said, we don’t have plans, but I am going to take some more pictures and measurements, and write a post about how we did it. There wasn’t anything fancy about the construction.

  11. Wow. It is beautiful. I just had my hubby build my coop for my guineas, but yours is Awesome!

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