Compost Tomatoes

Tomatoes growing in our compost bin


We just got home from a week up at Moosehead Lake (unfortunately we didn’t see any moose).  Our garden and chickens did great while we were gone due to the help of a good friend.  This “little” baby in our compost bins though didn’t need any water.  We haven’t taken care of it at all, and look what is going on!  Not sure what it is.  I think it might be a variety of a cherry/grape that we grew last year.  It started sprouting in the compost bin this spring and we just let it go.  It’s amazingly huge.  It’s not even that sunny over there.  I think it’s about 10x as large as the tomatoes that are growing in the square foot garden or the patio containers.  FUN!  I guess we have some good compost.

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