I’m almost as excited about this new yarn as I am about the eggs.  *Almost*

Yummy yarny goodness

It is Stylecraft Special DK that I ordered from Deramores in the UK.  Free shipping and only took a week to get here!  It is acrylic yarn, and such great colors.  I was inspired by all the wonderful color over on Lucy’s blog at Attic24.  Deramores also has a coupon that they advertise on Ravelry for 10% off.  Great service and I was so excited to open the package!

They sell it as a special colour pack – specifically associated with some of Lucy’s past posts.  The colors include the following.

From the top two/left: Shrimp, Aspen.  2nd from top row: Plum, Lipstick, Pomegranate, Lavender.  Third row from top: Spring Green, Meadow, Aster, Saffron, Magenta.  And the bottom row: Clematis, Cloud Blue, Sherbet, Fondant, Wisteria and Turquoise.

I’m going to have to double-check these colors in the daylight.  It’s hard to tell here in my nighttime office!  Funny how that is.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to make with it all, but I had some thoughts of a granny stripe blanket or pillow cover.  Then I thought that maybe I’d cover my rectangular ottoman with it.  But then I came across this great little cover for a short round footstool from the Crochet with Raymond blog in a mandala shape, and I’ve decided that I need to make it!  I love it!  Once I make the cover, Hubby is going to make a footstool that will fit it.  I’m thinking a short, round, three or four legged stool.  We’ll see how it all comes out.  I hope to get started with it this weekend.  I’m trying to finish one other project first.

Link to my in-progress Ravelry page:  

4 Responses

  1. LOVE the colors!!!!! And my first thought when I saw your picture was “that looks just like the pics from Attic24 this week!” And it was:) most excellent. I love starting new projects. Even though I have to finish the ruffle on one of my bridesmaid’s shawls, and still do a whole other bridesmaid shawl for which I haven’t even bought the yarn, I started a baby sweater with remnants from one of my big rambling rows blankies. Yarn is an addiction. A serious one.

  2. How fun! I just bought the book Knit, Swirl http://www.amazon.com/dp/0981985912?tag=bonweb-20&camp=15301&creative=331417&linkCode=bn1&creativeASIN=0981985912&adid=06SD40W94ZEWBXMRKKWM and I’m trying to decide which yarns I want to use. I was even thinking of doing a whole coat of many color thing. These yarns might be perfect!

    • That looks like it would be an amazing piece once you complete it. The yarn is super soft and gets great reviews for ease of use. I’ll have to let you know once I start making something with it!

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