Crochet Striped Fingerless Mitts

Stripey Happiness!

So, I have been working on these fingerless mittens for quite awhile (well it was only a month, but it felt like a long time).  All those stripes of color and ends that I keep forgetting to weave in as I go along!  (No seriously, I did most of them as I went along, I just forgot a few.)  Here is my Ravelry page for it.  I used leftover Knit Picks Wool of the Andes that I have from the hexie cushion that I’m making.  It doesn’t take a lot of yarn to make the mitts.  The pattern is based on Lucy’s mitts from Attic24.

I started off with a chain 34, as Lucy did, but they turned out a little big for me.  Not really in the start of it (I did try them on as I went along), but I have really thin wrists.  I think I would need to modify the pattern if I made another pair to go in a bit at the wrist.

Flat piece - not really straight, but no worries, you don't notice once you seam it up the side!

They are very simple.  Just make a flat piece that is the right length and width.  This is half double crochet (hdc) with Lucy’s bobble-shell edging on the top and bottom.  It would be even simpler using one color of yarn or variegated.  Each color consists of two rows of hdc.  Then, I just used single crochet to join it together along the side.  You could also do it so the seam doesn’t show, but I like the stripe of yellow color.  And you just leave a space for your thumb as you go up the side.

J loved them though and wants a pair of his own!  Not sure he would actually wear them however.  I think he just likes them because they are Mommy’s.

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  1. Lovely! Just lovely!


    • Thank you! Now to make another pair with variegated yarn. Several friends have been vying for these. I might just have to give them away since they are a bit big for me.

  2. Melanie reblogged this on Sweet Simple Living and commented: so cute! love the colors

  3. I’ve only just found this blog so excuse late posting of reply please!

    I’ve just made one of these but undone it as it was too tight. Can you please tell me, how did you make all the ends of wool ‘disappear’. Did you darn every one in or did you cut them off and just crochet over them?

    • Hello Anne Marie! What I do is when I get to the end of the row, I cut the yarn, and knot it off (just pull the end through the last loop). Then, I knot the new color onto the end. I leave about a 3-inch tail for both the previous color and the new color. Then as I start crocheting the new row, I hold the two tails along with me and crochet over them. Does that make sense? Attic24 has a lot of nice tutorials with pictures and I think she shows this technique in some of her posts. I hate to weave in ends!

  4. Thank you very much. That is what I have been doing but I wondered if there was an easy way. I notice you change balls every two rows which is a little less painful than every row, it is very slow. I have looked in Attic24’s tutorials and couldn’t find how she did it. I can’t afford to by Baby Cashermino like Lucy does, I have bought 60p odd balls for this project. For my ripple ‘whatever’ that I decide on doing I have bought Sublime, same content as Cashmerino but I think half the price, particularly if I can get reduced balls. (From The Black Sheep, which is near to me)

    I unravelled the one I did as it seemed a bit tight, and so now I have almost finished a Blackberry cover using the knotted together yarn just as it comes, as I would waste the wool otherwise.

    Crocheting is so much faster than knitting isn’t it? Although it is less economical than knitting.

    Your mitts are a lovely colourway.

    • Thank you Anne Marie! I did love how the colors came out. It is fun to experiment. I agree that I feel crochet is quicker than knitting, but I wasn’t sure if that was just me since I’m a relatively new knitter.

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