Bread Baking

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season.  We had family visiting for about three weeks, which was wonderful, but kept us pretty busy.  Things have finally settled down with the New Year, and we have been enjoying settling into a winter routine (sans the feet of snow that we usually have).  We only have about 6 inches (or less) of snow down on the ground which is making enjoying our normal winter outdoor activities a bit difficult!  I haven’t even pulled out my snow shoes yet this year.

We finally got some snow (about 6in) last Thursday!

I bought Hubby a sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour for Christmas.  He has been having a great time experimenting with all the things that you can do with it!  And I have been enjoying the taste-testing.  We really enjoyed the Classic Sourdough Waffle recipe from KAF (made with no modifications except for using powdered buttermilk).  The kids even loved them!  And they froze well.  (Re-heat on a light setting in your toaster.)

What Hubby has most been working on however is his perfect sourdough bread.  He wanted a crunchy exterior, a nice interior with a good crumb/texture.  He tried the Rustic Sourdough Bread recipe from KAF, and while the kids and I really liked it, he didn’t like the crumb.  It was too “sandwich bread-y”, if you know what I mean.  So, he thinks he finally settled on a favorite recipe.  (Although I’m sure he will keep tweaking it.)  He’s going to share it on his blog in the next few days, but here’s a little teaser….

He had me make it by myself yesterday so he could test the recipe and make sure the instructions were clear.  It is so yummy!!

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to his recipe.  He continues to tweak it, and I’m sure he’ll be posting some new ones over time.  He made a great one with rye flour the other day that the kids loved.

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  1. Hah, I just started playing with sourdough. Although I haven’t had as much time to experiment. I look forward to trying his recipe.

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