I made soup last night for dinner.  Ham and bean soup with homemade sourdough bread.  Soup that I made solely with ingredients laying around my house, and some random leftovers in my fridge.  I didn’t even use a recipe!  Which is huge for me because I’m a recipe girl.  It’s winter (sad, hardly-any-snow-to-speak-of, winter that it is), but it’s still cold outside.  I’ve been wanting to learn to make more soups.  So, I am going to commit myself to making at least one pot of soup every week.  I’m going to plan on sharing recipes on Sundays.  Souper-Sundays!

In the meantime, here is the only soup recipe that I could find on my blog!

Roasted cabbage soup (this is to die for)

Really?  My only soup dish that I’ve posted about?  Yes, this is mostly a crafty blog, not a foodie blog, but I love cooking.  Do I really make that little soup?  See, definitely time for a weekly soup feature!  And an opportunity to use my cool apple soup pot more!

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