Bird watching

The birds have been having a field day at our bird feeders recently. I just love watching them. We have a little weeping sort of tree in our front yard. I don’t know what it is. But, yesterday it was full of big, fat robins eating the winter berries on the tree. I was excited because I saw a bird that I’ve never seen before. So, I rushed to my Birds of Maine Field Guide book and was able to identify it rather quickly (it thankfully came back a few times so I could reference). A cedar waxwing. Cool! And if you live in Maine, this little pocket book is awesome.

From Stan’s Notes: “The name is derived from its red wax-like wing tips and preference for eating small blueberry-like cones of the cedar. Mostly seen in flocks, moving from area to area, looking for berries. Wanders in winter to find available food supplies. Seen more often in winter because naked branches reveal its presence.”