KCWC – Days Five, Six and Seven

Well, I didn’t get as much sewing done as I would have liked but I was pretty productive for the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. But that was because we were at the MOFGA Common Ground Fair all day on Sunday!  We love the fair.  This is not your typical scary-amusement-rides-and-gross-food county fair.  No rides here, unless you count the $2 discount on admission you get for riding your bike into the fair.  Lots of displays on traditional crafts, huge fiber extravaganza, green living displays, spinning wheel demonstrations, rabbits, chickens, goats, alpacas, horses, and lots and lots of organic food.  And of course, the kid’s favorite, cardboard sledding!

Cardboard sledding at CGF

I always love to take pictures of all the yummy yarn.  I restrained myself this year and didn’t buy any fiber at all!  But I just have too much of it here in my stash and I need to use and organize it all before I can buy more.

Yummy hand-dyed yarn

The little pleated strip skirt is almost done, and hopefully I can knock it out today.  Just needs the ribbon hem and the waistband elastic.  I finished the Leila and Ben Sweet Little Dress in corduroy this morning.  I added a pocket using the pleated pocket tutorial from Made by Rae.  Because really…how can you not have a pocket to hold your little treasures??  The pattern only goes up to size 5 (bigger sizes are in the works from Leila and Ben) and I needed a size 6, so I just enlarged the pattern a little bit.  Made it a big longer and a little bit wider, trying to use the same dimensions as the other sizes.  And I added a little bit of length on the neck and sleeve elastic.

Full dress, made with fine wale corduroy

Pocket close-up

It’s hard to see the pocket there in the picture above because it’s made with the same fabric.  But, trust me, cute and just a little puckery to make it easy to get your hand in there.

Neckline close-up

KCWC – Days Three and Four

Okay, I have been a slacker on Days three and four.  Well, I shouldn’t say slacker because I’ve been really busy, but not with sewing at my machine!  I’m waiting on some ribbon to finish the pleated skirt, and I have plans for a corduroy dress from the Sweet Dress pattern by Leila & Ben.  And I bought this super-cute pattern for a recycled hoodie from lil blue boo yesterday that I can’t wait to try out!  (She has the cutest knit holiday dress in her Big Cartel shop with matching doll dress!)  I got the idea after seeing some examples posted in the KCWC flickr group.  Check out the flickr group as there are tons of great ideas in there!  So, while not sewing, I did buy a new pattern!  I’m hoping to get back into the groove today and this weekend.  Although on Sunday, we are attending the super-fantastic Common Ground Country Fair with some friends who are staying overnight, so no sewing then.  We’ll be having too much fun with friends, sheep, rabbits, horses, fiber, organic demonstrations, etc.  I can’t wait to buy my organic/ecologically-printed t-shirt from the fair featuring a Holly Meade rooster this year!

KCWC – Day Two

Day Two of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge brought me close to completing the strip pieced pleated skirt for my niece’s birthday present.  I still need to hem the bottom and do the elastic waist and ribbon bow.  I’m holding on the hem though because instead of just a basic hem, I am going to do a ribbon hem as described in the freebie Lazy Days skirt pattern from Oliver+S.  I have some cute cherry grosgrain ribbon on the way.  I’m waiting for it to arrive to see how it will look before deciding on whether I’ll do that, or just do a basic hem.

Strip pieced pleated skirt

As I wait for my package to arrive, I’m going to work on some pajama pants for the boys on Day Three.  My friend brought me some cute flannel fabric the other day, and it’s in the wash!  And then I also have a plan to make the Sweet Little Dress from Leila & Ben in some cute corduroy that I just picked up.  I’d also like to play with my serger and do some reverse applique t-shirts for the boys.  We’ll see as the rest of the week unfolds!

KCWC – Day One

Well, it’s Day One of Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothing Week Challenge!  Are you participating?  Goal is to spend at least one hour per day for the next seven days creating clothes for your kids.  I started this morning before work on a birthday gift for my soon-to-be 6yo niece.  If I can crank out some productive work this morning, then I am going to treat myself with some sewing at lunchtime too.  I do enjoy working from home!

I am making the Strip Pieced Pleated Skirt from a tutorial at the Moda Bake Shop.

Strip piecing the skirt panels