Montessori holiday apron

Gingerbread friends Montessori apron

I picked up this gingerbread friends fabric last year but just got around to making the apron last week.  Just my standard Montessori apron.  Double-sided with double-fold wide bias tape around the edges of the apron and the neck.  Used some cotton twill tape to create shoulder loops which is how the teacher hangs it up (it’s heavyweight, 3/4″ I think, I just buy it by the yard at Joanns).  I do promise to make a pattern for this sometime!  I tried to do it last week when I was making it, but I was distracted at the time, and made the pattern wrong and have to re-do it.  I buy the bias tape in the little packages at Joanns.  It takes almost an entire package to do the outer part, so that’s why I usually use a different color on the neckline.  I used a small zigzag stitch this time on the outer part, which looked nice.

I’ve been super-busy holiday crafting and will hopefully be able to share some of that soon.  Some of it I have to hold off on sharing because they are gifts and I wouldn’t want to give away the surprise!  I finished up my holiday shopping this morning, and now I just have a long list of homemade things that I want to make — top of the list is finishing my teacher gifts which are 98% done, and making the boys their Christmas Eve pajamas.  (Oops, cancel that, not finished with my shopping.  Just checked my list and I have one more thing to get.)

We had a great snowstorm last week – complete with all-day snow and the kids had a snow day.  Now we can be ready for Christmas!