Happy Birthday Baby!

My baby is FIVE!  Ahhh….J had a great birthday.  We are having his party this weekend and I’ve been busy making some things for it which I will share after the party so I can show them in all of their full glory.  I’ve also been making the boys some summer shorts which I made using my own pattern.  I will probably share how I did that if everyone is interested.

J was excited to see his birthday crown!

J was excited to see his birthday crown!

J really wanted a camera for his birthday.

J really wanted a camera for his birthday.

J really wanted a camera for his birthday.  I contemplated those “kid” cameras, but the screens are tiny and the quality is shoddy.  It seemed like a waste of $60 when he is five and can hopefully manage not to drop it.  Hopefully.  I got it on ebay used.  It’s a Canon A530.  I also have a Canon, so it will be easy for him to learn to use.  And it takes 2 AA batteries.  I hate those annoying proprietary camera batteries that are so difficult to find in a store.  I need to buy a new wrist strap for it as the one it came with doesn’t tighten, and I need to find a camera bag to carry it around.  He is very excited and of course now K wants one for his birthday too.

And, of course, Legos were a predominant theme as usual.  This kid loves his Legos.



Birthday Crown for a Friend

A birthday crown for a friend. Created based on the pattern in Amanda Soule’s The Creative Family, with wool felt. I hand-stitched the star on this time. It looks much nicer than my boys’ crowns where I sewed the stars on with my machine.

Swap birthday crown

Just had to share the birthday crown that I made for a handmade toy swap. I think it turned out great. It’s wool felt, and my inspiration for the sun embroidery was from the season ornaments in Doodle Stitching.

K’s Birthday Crown

It’s my baby’s birthday today! I thankfully finished his birthday crown to his specifications last week. He wanted it to be red and white with blue stripes and a blue star. So, I made his crown pretty much exactly like I made J’s birthday crown, except I made the elastic in the back just a little bit longer for his older noggin, and added the requested stripes. It’s all made from wool felt that I got at Weir Dolls & Crafts or from my local quilting store. The letter K on the star was stitched free-hand using a split stitch with 3 threads of embroidery floss. The pattern for the crown was taken from Amanda Soule’s The Creative Family.

Here he is this morning, setting up our birthday ring.

And here are both completed birthday crowns.

And this one is just funny.


J’s Birthday Crown

So, my camera is back and good as new! Thank goodness. I was sad without it. (Note to self: need to develop the three disposable cameras I went through while I was without a camera for three weeks.)

So, here is J wearing his birthday crown that I described in an earlier post. What a ham! Didn’t it turn out cute? I just love it. He seemed very pleased with it as well.