Beer Craftiness

Squam Lake

Don’t let those cute toes in the water fool you.  It was frigid!

Where have I been???  Why HERE!  I have just returned from the most amazing five days at the Squam Art Workshops (SAW).  To be surrounded by so many creative and lovely people is inspiring and amazing.  Five days of soaking in the crafty atmosphere, hanging out with wonderful people, eating great food, immersing myself in the lovely New Hampshire landscape, and not worrying about anything else!  It was awesome.  I am going to devote a full post to Squam, but for now, let me talk about my pre-Squam preparations.  First on my list was making my first batch of homebrew to bring along to share with my cabin mates!  Hubby has been making beer for a LONG, LONG time.  Longer than he should own up to.

Squirrel and Needle Brown Ale

In honor of my first SAW, I decided to make some beer.  I settled on an English style brown ale.  I am lucky enough to have access to all of Hubby’s equipment and expertise, so the process went smoothly.  We made it about a month ago because it needs about two weeks to ferment in a bucket, and then you bottle it, and it needs another two weeks to carbonate in the bottle.  So, we had it ready in time for me to take to SAW.  All my cabin mates loved it!  Thanks ladies!  Now, I need to make some more.  Hmm…what should I make next?

Hubby wrote up a full-of-detail post over on his blog.  If you are interested in those nitty-gritty beer-making details.  I have to say though that the cabin mates might have liked the homemade cheesecake that I brought a tad bit more than the beer….