Vintage Featherweight and fabric donation raffle

Raven over at Oversewn is holding a raffle to help raise money for the Santa Barbara Birth Center.  It’s her way of giving back after the wonderful care she received during her miscarriage.  I am really touched by her generosity.  So many times, we feel thankful for something, but we don’t really know how to show that thankfulness.  She could have just donated some money.  Instead, she is holding this awesome raffle, giving away some prized possessions,  and will hopefully collect a lot more money than she would have been able to donate just on her own.  All while raising awareness for the awesome job that the midwives at SB do for women every day.

So, I’ve already headed over to the Santa Barbara Birth Center page and donated $5.  You get up to five entries, one for each dollar you donate up to $5.  All the instructions are on her posts.  The donation part is through Paypal and easy-peasy.  Took all of 1 minute.  Took longer to do my five posts to enter into the raffle on her blog, then it did to do the actual donating!

She is giving away an awesome vintage, refurbished Featherweight sewing machine, as well as some great fabric prizes.  (Flea Market Fancy anyone???????)

Here are the rules and instructions, with a preview of the giveaways.

Here is the official raffle post where you need to enter your comments for every dollar that you donate up to 5 entries.

And here is the Santa Barbara Birth Center donation page, click the Donate button over on the right.  And I think she said to put “Baby August/Oversewn” in the Paypal comment box to help her track the donations.

I can’t wait to hear how much money she collects!!

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